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I feel I have benefited a great deal from the pregnancy massage received from Malcolm, both emotionally and physically.

For me the benefits have been relief from general muscle aches and pain, night cramps, improved digestion/reduced indigestion, and being able to get more of a full nights’ sleep as my belly grew.

I particularly enjoyed the atmosphere created within the massage room, a sense of calmness and relaxation, which definitely helped in the release of the tension and muscle strain. The health benefits and the sense of peace and wellbeing experienced during the massage, even lasts long after the massage has finished.

Malcolm is a highly professional therapist, who has helped me to feel relaxed and comfortable during the massage. His treatment helped me to have a more relaxed, problem free pregnancy, minimising symptoms, aches and pains allowing me to enjoy my second pregnancy, more than my first.

I only wish I could have had a massage every other day just to lie down on the pregnancy cushions, allowing me to safely lay face-down without any pressure on my belly, is a pure bliss.
I would highly recommend a pregnancy massage, as the benefits are huge, to yourself and therefore to your baby.


Malcolm assisted me through two pregnancies with his professional and skilled massage. The comfortable pregnancy pillow allowed me to completely relax and enjoy the full benefits of massage. The massage helped by easing lower back pain, rib pain, foot swelling and the general aches of a changing body throughout the pregnancy term.

Not only did massage help from a pregnancy perspective, but it also allowed me to feel confidant and in touch with my changing body to continue my similar exercise and sport regime throughout my pregnancies, as well as easing back into a more challenging routine after birth. Malcolm’s competence along with sport and pregnancy knowledge and positive demeanour was vital to my confidence and attitude during this time. I have been a regular client for over 8 years and highly recommend trying the treatment to reduce the aches and pains as well as maintain general well being throughout this changing period.

Julia Ellis

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